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St. Stephan’s Cathedral and much more!

The „Steffl“ – as the Viennese affectionately call it, is the city’s landmark, but there is much more to discover all around! We will take a journey through time from the Middle Ages to the Baroque and end with the fall of the Austrian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

Art Noveau in Vienna – from secession to Klimt!

At the beginning of the 20th century, Vienna was a jewel in the peak of Art Nouveau. Artists, architects and patrons brought a decisive fresh breeze into the dusty landscape of the city. We will get to know Otto Wagner, Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann and many others!

Italian traces in Vienna

Many automatically think of art – but not only that – the Italians have also introduced accents of creativity into the economy or into military strategies. Shall we discover them together?

Stairways and creeks in the 9thdistrict of Vienna

Why are there so many stairs in the 9th district in Vienna? What is it about creeks in a district near the city centre? You will find out with me while walking through the district!

Power Women in Vienna

Important Women and their history of emancipation in Vienna!

Individual Walking Tour

I also offer custom-made tours for individuals and groups!

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